Reiki is a type of energy work that draws in universal healing energy and directs it to the energy centers of the body called Chakras. Dogs have nine major Chakras and thirteen minor Chakras that we focus on. Imbalances in the Chakras can affect mood, behavior, and physical health. By balancing the Chakras, we support our animal companions and help them heal from any of the issues they may have.


20 years ago, I became a Reiki master and recently I became an Animal Reiki Master, through formal and self-study. I offer Chakra balancing and clearing as well as Reiki to help your dog feel better.


Reiki is a great addition to Massage and Animal Energy® sessions or can be done on its own.




Animal Energy Sessions address disturbances in the energetic body of your animal companion. Just like your skin protects the body, the energetic body acts to protect and to help filter negative events and intentions. Animal Energy looks to clear non-beneficial disruptions from the energetic field, helping to clear the path for physical healing. The levels of the energetic body (subtle body) are etheric double (physical), emotional, mental, and spiritual.


Energy imbalances can cause symptoms similar to those our animal companions display when they are fearful or in pain.


The flow of energy isn’t constrained by time or distance, session can be done remotely.