Serenity Ceremony


Bringing harmony and comfort to the process of saying goodbye to your animal companion. 


Serenity, a state, or quality of being, clearness, calmness, quietness, stillness, and peace. This ceremony is designed to clear the space, emotions and unresolved issues helping to clear a path for the soul’s journey.


Serenity Ceremony was developed to provide energetic support for your animal companion at the end of their journey, and for you and your family members both human and animal.


Our animal companions are with us to not only provide love and companionship but to help us with our struggles and strife. This ceremony helps to clear and balance the energies for you and your pet, blessing them as they prepare to move from the physical body.


As my dog Emma started to age and my friend’s dogs faced health challenges in their advanced years, I started to think about what I could do to help them transition. As caretakers of our beloved animal companions, we struggle with how to help them, while dealing with our own sense of loss and grief.


After much meditation, study and decades of energy work, Serenity Ceremony came to be.


The Process


Serenity Ceremony brings together many types of energy and body work, multi-cultural philosophies, Reiki, sound, crystals, and aroma therapy to hold the space and create a unique session for you and your animal companion.


The session can be conducted in your home, on a video call, or if your vet is willing in their office. The Serenity Ceremony can be held any time prior to your animal companion’s transition and can also be done when your pet is in spirit.


A Pre-Session meeting ensures that your concerns and preferences are honored during the Serenity Ceremony. You will receive a written report about the chakras that were balanced, and the crystals used in your session.


While the basic premise of the energy work and chakra clearing remains the same you can customize parts of the ceremony to fit you, your beliefs and your animal companion’s personality.


I am honored to support you and your animal companion, while it is beyond difficult to go through this process, it is a gift to be there for them.